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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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  1. Banjo and Terry are invited. Rob goes online.

  2. The poorly named "Hero" joins the fray.

  3. You mean there's even more to this campaign? You must be joking?

  4. We all knew the smash segment might run for a while.

  5. Piranha Plant is here!

  6. Always be smashin'.

  7. Rob picks at it when he can.

  8. GOTY 2018 Discussions

  9. Clearly this is most smash, but is it best smash?

  10. The final Direct lands ahead of the launch but without the bang Zac was expecting.

  11. Rob can confirm that it is still Smash.

  12. So, much , hype.

  13. 2018 on Switch baby!

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