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Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2
Game Name:Splatoon 2
Nintendo EPD
Hatena Co. Ltd.
TOSE Co., Ltd.
Monolith Software, Inc.
Release Date:Jul 21, 2017

Splatoon 2 Discussions:

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  1. Rob gets Switch Online to join in the Final Fest.

  2. GOTY 2018 Discussions

  3. The use by date is approaching. You can't always be fresh. (v4.0 announced)

  4. Octo Expansion is here. Ink some balls!

  5. Rob's not sure how he feels about sponsored splatfests.

  6. Rob goes all funny for the Octo Expansion reveal.

  7. Splatfest gets itself in a pickle.

  8. GOTY 2017 discussions.

  9. Rob loves another Splatfest.

  10. New maps, gear and game modes incoming.

  11. Rob buys a Switch and rediscovers the freashness.

  12. Is it still fresh?

  13. New stuff arrives for Zac to not see due to scheduling.

  14. Stay off the hook, the update cycle is beginning.

  15. Zac earn chunks running with Salmon.

  16. Zac has a little test fire.

  17. There's a hoard of salmon that we need to farm for power.

  18. We need more Salmon for power!

  19. Don your lab coats. There's more research to be done.

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