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Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man
Game Name:Marvel's Spider-Man
Insomniac Games
Sony Interactive Entertainment America
Release Date:Sep 7, 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man Discussions:

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  1. Dan finishes it and gives his final take.

  2. The end of the DLC fails to satisfy Rob.

  3. Rob does DLC. Novel.

  4. Spiderdan.

  5. Cracking wise whilst games are summarised.

  6. Dan does some swinging.

  7. GOTY 2018 Discussions

  8. A good ending is hard to find. Oh there's one!

  9. Rob is 90% through now, which is pretty much the score he'd give the game.

  10. Rob thinks the marketing for this might have made the game feel worse.

  11. Swing when you're winning.

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