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Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included
Game Name:Oxygen Not Included
Klei Entertainment Inc.
Klei Entertainment Inc.
Release Date:May 18, 2017

Oxygen Not Included Discussions:

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  1. Zac works out how to make videos of this game.

  2. Honestly, I can't breathe anymore.

  3. GOTY 2019 discussions

  4. Is there any gas left?

  5. Has Zac not asphyxiated yet? Have I made this joke before?

  6. Zac feels the heat of the launch patch.

  7. Patch aint here yet. Zac waits it out.

  8. Would you like ice?

  9. You mean they had a chance to improve things and they still forgot the oxygen?

  10. GOTY 2018 Discussions

  11. The devs and Zac battle with debris lag.

  12. Zac doesn't need any more people.

  13. Zac discover the cure to asteroid related damage. Patch in an animal!

  14. Zac discovers it's hot work this staying alive thing.

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