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DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally
Game Name:DiRT Rally
Codemasters Racing
Release Date:Dec 7, 2015

DiRT Rally Discussions:

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  1. Dan is scared of going fast.

  2. DiRT 4's existence prompts Rob to revisit DiRT Rally.

  3. Seeing red.

  4. A massive patch but still no resolution to Rob's steering wheel woes.

  5. Does DiRT Rally get easier as you go?

  6. happysalad league update

  7. GOTY 2015 discussions

  8. Let the HS league commence!

  9. It's out of Early Access! How did it end up?

  10. 0.9 update.

  11. We discuss the current early state of DiRT Rally.

  12. Adventures in Force Feedback.

  13. Oh, hey there Germany.

  14. Zac tries the new simulation on a vintage Sidewinder wheel including wood.

  15. Dan tries to take on Zac's times as Hill Climb mode arrives.

  16. Zac starts repeating himself in DiRT Rally, but there's hill climbing on the horizon.

  17. Out of the blue, a new DiRT game is released to Early Access.

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