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Game Name:Starbound
Chucklefish Games
Chucklefish Games
Release Date:Jul 22, 2016

Starbound Discussions:

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  1. Zac moves his mod antics over to this for a bit.

  2. It's out of early access and is kinda the same.

  3. The end is nigh. But first, gameplay changes.

  4. GOTY 2015 discussions

  5. We receive an electronic communiqué about Zac's modding efforts.

  6. Zac plays through the entire thing so far in multiplayer.

  7. Starbound lays down its roadmap to v1.0.

  8. Zac continues his modding adventure.

  9. Zac does more modding, no gameplay.

  10. Zac doesn't really play this, the game kinda plays him as he attempts to mod it himself.

  11. Part of our 2013 GOTY discussions.

  12. Zac finally has his anticipation calmed as the Starbound Beta goes live.

  13. Some "not really news" news.

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