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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V
Game Name:Grand Theft Auto V
Rockstar North
Rockstar Games
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Release Date:Sep 17, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Discussions:

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  1. Also known as "Rockstar has money" (PS5 reveal).

  2. Rob ends the story and quite a few people on the way.

  3. Open world pacing is hard.

  4. Rob's GTA criticism mode kicks in.

  5. Rob gets outta town.

  6. Rob takes a step back to admire the assholes.

  7. Dan does the usual... usually.

  8. Rob confirms that the driving does not suck.

  9. You wanna PC me?

  10. You might as well bury Dan with this game.

  11. Because of course Dan was going to play the PC version. It's the only game.

  12. GTA V for the PC is finally here.

  13. OMG Next Gen Remake!

  14. Part of our 2013 GOTY discussions.

  15. Dan has finally beat GTAV.

  16. Dan 's still playing it.

  17. Dan does the craziest heist yet.

  18. Are we still talking about this?

  19. Dan continues to play at his normal price.

  20. So it's finally out and it's good. But will Rob like it?

  21. There's some leaks or something... it's still not out.

  22. More news about Rockstar's latest sequel are revealed. This time we find out a little about the gameplay.

  23. Grand Theft Auto V is coming! But only Dan cares.

Grand Theft Auto V Mentions:

  1. Zac's been space faring in X3.

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