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Game Name:Terraria
Engine Software B.V.
Pipeworks Studio
505 Games
Spike Chunsoft
Merge Games
Release Date:May 16, 2011

Terraria Discussions:

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  1. Zac finally got his hands on "the patch".

  2. That patch Zac wanted finally dropped.

  3. Zac is still waiting on the next big update. Any day now...

  4. Rebuild and relearn.

  5. Have we not had a sequel to this yet?

  6. Finishing Hard Mode is actually hard.

  7. NPCs can die too.

  8. The upcoming XBOX version is discussed whilst Zac longs for Starbound.

  9. Zac checks out the latest updates to Terraria.

  10. Zac checks out some funky disco lighting courtesy of the latest Terraria patch.

  11. Zac returns to Terraria once more.

  12. Terraria: If you like it then you should've mushed your face in it.

  13. Zac checks out the 2D Minecraft-alike, Terraria.

Terraria Mentions:

  1. Zac's on a quest for perfect gems in Torchlight.

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