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Rocket League

Rocket League
Game Name:Rocket League
Psyonix Studios
Psyonix Studios
Release Date:Jul 7, 2015

Rocket League Discussions:

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  1. GOTY 2019 discussions

  2. Stranger Things x Rocket League

  3. Still no real word on those Blueprints.

  4. Rocket League crossover licensing.

  5. Loot boxes are losing their randomness. Is this actually a bad thing?

  6. The back end of the 80's.

  7. Summer of stuff.

  8. What's wrong with the "dream team" this week?

  9. Pass the pass?

  10. Rocket Pass 3 and patch notes.

  11. The dream team discuss the year in RL.

  12. GOTY 2018 Discussions

  13. Zac throws some lemon shade around.

  14. Rocketpass is here.

  15. Rocket League shows even more love to its awkward predecessor.

  16. Salty shores launches.

  17. Inside the locker room.

  18. 2018 Development Roadmap.

  19. That one physics question answered.

  20. Another map gets made "standard" and less interesting.

  21. The GB community tournament final looms for the Nintendownload Express... still.

  22. Zac may be in a tournament final but will it ever take place?

  23. Zac and the Nintendownload Express make it to the Giant Bomb Community Tournament final.

  24. New season, new loot.

  25. Zac's Rocket League tournament team has a really dumb name.

  26. Smash the floor!

  27. Season 4 you say? But we're on season 8 now!

  28. Zac still wants to be a Rocket man.

  29. Win and lose in equal measure.

  30. 2 year event loot window.

  31. Under the sea!

  32. Year of the grappling hook continues.

  33. What if cars that play football also boxed a bit?

  34. Sony holds back cross play.

  35. Hoops comes to Rocket League.

  36. More balls and cars I guess.

  37. Dan plays it!

  38. Dan actually plays it. I know right?

  39. Fly harder.

  40. Pro strats.

  41. New maps that are less square.

  42. Still not getting old.

  43. GOTY 2015 discussions

  44. Pucks away!

  45. Hockey is coming and it's bringing some weird friends with it.

  46. Make driving more interesting...without Gin.

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