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  1. The second coming?

  2. Zac uses different mods that are the same as other mods but not quite.

  3. Zac finds new mods that do the same old stuff.

  4. A mod nightmare.

  5. The "Better Together" update might have some problems but Zac don't care. He's still on about Java mod packs.

  6. Minecraft is of no interest to Zac without the mods.

  7. Just getting rid of 40 mods, no big deal.

  8. When 100 mods just isn't enough...

  9. E3 2016, featuring John Carmack.

  10. Zac will never achieve anything... in Minecraft.

  11. I guess we were overdue for some Minecraft antics courtesy of Zac.

  12. Mo' Minecraft, mo' mods.

  13. Microsoft buy Mojang for megabux

  14. Zac messes around with the mod Thaumcraft 4

  15. Zac gets modding again with Thauncraft

  16. E3 2013 - Microsoft

  17. Because it wouldn't be right if Zac hadn't played it a bit.

  18. How many mods can be run together? Zac installs a bunch of them.

  19. The origins of Minecraft.

  20. Notch steps down from being head of Minecraft.

  21. Minecraft gets released. No really.

  22. Zac has fun with Minecraft mods.

  23. Adventure time, come on grab your friends, the adventure update for Minecraft is out.

  24. Zac dives back into Minecraft and finds it rather buggier than he remembered.

  25. Dan and Zac check out a recreation of Tracy Island from Thunderbirds made in Minecraft by Dan's brother Stephen.

  26. Popular game we don't get award 2010.

Minecraft Mentions:

  1. Biiiig update to Dwarf Fortress! Yeah.

  2. Zac checks out the latest updates to Terraria.

  3. Zac's epic Skyrim rant/review. Rantview.

  4. Zac checks out some funky disco lighting courtesy of the latest Terraria patch.

  5. Zac's on a quest for perfect gems in Torchlight.

  6. Zac grapples with some Blocks That Matter.

  7. Terraria: If you like it then you should've mushed your face in it.

  8. Zac checks out the 2D Minecraft-alike, Terraria.

  9. Zac's approaching Victory Road in Pokémon Black.

  10. Best game nobody played award 2010.

  11. Game of 2009 that shined in 2010 award.

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