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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2
Game Name:Guild Wars 2
ArenaNet, Inc.
NCsoft Corporation
Release Date:Aug 28, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Discussions:

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  1. Zac has a lot of birthday messages to ignore.

  2. I dunno, legendary things?

  3. Zac looks into levelling some other classes.

  4. New expansion news!

  5. Zac summarises the 2014 winter activities in Guild Wars 2.

  6. The achievement system gets a few tweaks.

  7. Zac respecs.

  8. Zac gets drawn into the World Vs World conflict.

  9. Because we haven't talked about it for oh so long.

  10. Old event loot! Old event loot available!

  11. "Living Story" is taking a break.

  12. Just what is it with Lion's Arch anyway?

  13. Lion's Arch is a bit messed up right now. Please leave a message.

  14. Big group event time!

  15. What can we expect from the end of the the first season of The Living World.

  16. Part of our 2013 GOTY discussions.

  17. How did I end up in Tyria again?

  18. Halloween. Nuff said.

  19. World 2 of Super Adventure Box is out, but Zac has some problems with it.

  20. Loot! So much loot!

  21. Zac grinds his way through April.

  22. Super Adventure Box

  23. Zac attempts to edge closer to map completion.

  24. Part of the 2012 GOTY discussions.

  25. Zac and Rob take part in the "Lost Shores" event.

Guild Wars 2 Mentions:

  1. We discuss MMOs of the future.

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