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EVE Online

EVE Online
Game Name:EVE Online
CCP Games
CCP Games
Atari SA
Release Date:May 6, 2003

EVE Online Discussions:

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  1. It's really engaging. I think I might lie down for a bit.

  2. Space and stuff

  3. E.V.E. goes free to play but how will that affect the game?

  4. Free to play is coming.

  5. Something about missions maybe?

  6. More updates mean more Zac.

  7. Updates or something.

  8. EVE experiments with WASD.

  9. I don't even know what Zac was talking about this time.

  10. Stuff happens on Tranquility

  11. Minerals don't refine like they used to. Commerce market speculation!

  12. More record breaking fights occur!

  13. EVE has another update and details emerge about an EVE video series.

  14. EVE patch news!

  15. Zac's been perusing the massive threadnoughts of the EVE forum generated by CCPs strange new direction on station views and 'macro-transactions'.

  16. Zac runs around a space dock pointlessly in EVE.

  17. Zac checks out the new avatar stuff in EVE.

EVE Online Mentions:

  1. Zac plies some trade routes in X3.

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