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SaladCast 93 (29th September 2013) – EuroValve

Posted by Rob, October 1, 2013 6:03 pm

Dan is about to be really inconvenient and move to London so for his last week in East Anglia we force him to do another cast. This “week-early” special comes with real news and impressions courtesy of EuroGamer Expo and Valve!

Coverage in this special episode includes PES 2014, Need For Speed Rivals, Beyond: Two Souls, Forza 5, Sonic: The Lost World, Killer Instinct, Watchdogs, Lightning Returns, Montague’s Mount, Driveclub, Oculus Rift, SteamOS, Steam Machines and a really weird controller! There’s other stuff too!

Thank us later, or now. Now is good.

In this Podcast:

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  1. DJKippling says:

    You need me on this podcast haha. you got a few things wrong:

    Killer Instinct was running at 60fps – has never been running at anything less. you get 8 characters in the full purchase (£17 i think) and you only get 1 character in the free version with no other restrictions and it rotates every few months.

    I played Dead Rising 3 and it was hella fun although seems quite limited in weapons and costumes!

    Xbox controller was still much better than the ps4 controller 😛

    I heard battlefield 4 was running on xbox one at eurogamer in some form but didn’t see it myself. but who cares its identical to 3 lol.

    Titanfall is designed for consoles why would you get it on pc – kinda like cod in that repsect. cod on pc is not fun compared to console.

  2. DJKippling says:

    Oh and there was also pinball next to the cod booth 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    Killer Instinct – Hmm, I don’t remember it being that smooth although I’m willing to put that down to bad TV/monitor setup. There were a lot of demos that could have benefited from better screen calibration. The defaults almost always suck for gaming.

    Titanfall – I tried explaining this perspective on the cast several weeks back but failed to convince Zac and Dan. I agree with you in that I can’t help but think the console iteration will be a better experience because that’s where the focus for the game balance will be placed. Titanfall will be a much bigger seller on consoles than on PC and so the main focus will naturally be there. Although I’ve not played a bunch of PC CoD the relative scale of the PC community makes balancing the game for PC a less lucrative and thus less appealing option for Activision. Awesomenauts is another weird example because that game was originally designed for consoles and so has had a few hangups on PC for a long time. It’s only relatively recently that Ronimo latched onto the success of the Steam version and has shifted focus.

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