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LATS: Origin Humble Bundle

Posted by Rob, August 15, 2013 5:15 pm

The Origin Humble Bundle

So EA are the next big publisher to get involved with the charity helping mega sale organisation Humble Bundle. A humble bundle is always a good thing but this is especially unexpected given that EA has publicly snubbed the idea of having good sales on Origin and is not especially humble. What’s unsurprising is just how lacklustre EA’s line up can look. I’d say 3 of those games are good, 2 middling and the rest skippable. It seems Dead Space 3 did so much to ruin the Dead Space name that Dead Space 2 seems to have done a runner past the half-time reveal. But what else may appear? Would SimCity tempt you?


Still, it is a bargain and the website claims EA will not take any profit from this so go help some charities. Also check out the full YouTube advert thing after the break, it’s pretty good as always.

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