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Episode 036 (30th July 2011) For All Intensive Purposes

Posted by Rob, August 1, 2011 7:40 pm

3 weeks have passed since the last cast. Who’s fault is that? Well it’s kinda ours. No excuse. We got lazy. To celebrate our return here’s a blurb that represents the spirit of laze:

Games, games, talking about games, blabla, Rob, Bulletstorm, Dan, L.A Noire, Zac, Just Cause 2, games, games, bla-di-bal-ba-bla, moo.

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  1. Zac says:

    Okay, whatever that was that made that banging noise sure happened more than once. Probably drinking cup movement, but we’ve never had that happen as a problem before. Sorry listeners, for the sudden ear-killing noises… you know, aside from all the normal coughing.

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